Faces of Athens

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ISBN 978-3-95763-433-7 

A book on the Greek health care crisis 
By Bernhard Hetzenauer 
With an introduction by Hilde Schramm

When the situation in public hospitals in Greece became increasingly hopeless, the Athenian cardiologist Dr. Giorgos Vichas decided to set up a health center, completely free of charge for those without insurance. It was one of many such initiatives all over Greece. Despite economic obstacles, these social clinics sought to help society’s weakest, by offering medical aid, surgery, and providing medicine.  

In 23 personal testimonies, volunteers and patients recount their lives during the financial crisis. Their stories were recorded in several places across Athens, which can be seen as exemplary of Greek solidarity: the Social Clinic of Elliniko, the Athens Community Polyclinic and Pharmacy KIFA near Omonia Square and a KIFA in Piraeus.

Bernhard Hetzenauer: FACES OF ATHENS, 
Revolver Publishing, Berlin, 2019, 
336 pages, 17 x 20 cm, softcover, English  
ISBN 978-3-95763-433-7 

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